About Us

The Masotti Group was born from the Opera and the genius of Antonio Masotti.
Owner since 1974 of a boutique located in Naples
where it was mostly classic and sports shoes man / woman,
in 1984 decided to Establish that in a few years
would become one of the most important groups Calzaturieri of Naples.
But it is in 1994 that takes the most important change.

Upon graduation, Enzo Masotti and Vito Masotti, sons of Antonio,
decide to support their father in the company, bringing ideas
"Youth" and, taking advantage of the Latest Trends,
do take the form Boutique closer and closer to one Sneakers Store evolved,
investing heavily in Research and Innovation.
and from these changes in 1996 led to the first Dribbling SporTrend
who works, still in close contact with the most
Famous Brand World Sneakers and Urban Culture.